The IT advice we provide is built around today's business technologies and more importantly we deliver what you say you want.
We can help you build your start-up business from scratch or advise long-established businesses on how to grow.
We provide management consulting services in a variety of ways depending on the scale of business.
L & J Business Solutions is a Business Development and IT consultancy firm which provides its services to Start-ups, Small to Medium size Businesses in the UK and abroad. Also we provide student recruitment services to Higher Educational Institutes/Universities in London, United Kingdom via Student Consultancy Services London(

Our process is strategic, sound and proven. Getting the issues right early on will save a lot of time and troble later. To make your first step the right one, you will require the correct advice. We take a close interest in your business aims and objectives and help you increase profit, become tax efficient and help you run your business more smarter and profitably.

We have grown with years of market research. We look at where improvements can be made in your business and help you continue to grow.